The Cardboard Stacker reviews are structured into two main parts : an overview and a review.

The brief overview explains the basic synopsis of the game.

Each game goes through multiple plays until there’s enough data to give a game a score. Presentation and gameplay are emphasized for each review with the occasional after thoughts.

The Rating System

There are a total of eleven scores that the rating system uses from 0 stars to 5 stars in increments of 0.5. The OK score is one I believe is a passing grade for games.


Super Stacker Award.png

“These are games that exceed every of my expectations and beyond. Not only these games are excellent on their own right, these are ones I know I will be playing for decades on. The Super Stacker awards is the highest score I can give and only a few receive this prestigious honor.”


Silver Award new (4.5)

“The Silver Award are reserved for Impressive games which pushes the limited what a game can do. It hits the marks of being creative, unique, and overall a fun game from beginning to end. These are games that will be recommend for years to come.”

           “Great”                            “Excellent”

3.5           4 stars

HM Award

“Both Excellent and Great scores receive an Honorable Mention award which I find games are more than enjoyable above many others. Great games have a good amount of creativity and deserves to be recommended. Excellent games has that “extra” something that comes close to be impressive and ones that I would recommend even more.”


3 stars

“Games that get the Enjoyable score are better than the average. The reason it does not get a higher score is that it’s missing something that could truly can push it forward to be an great game.”


2.5 stars

“Good games are ones that pass in few satisfactory marks, but are still fun to play.”


2 stars

“The OK score is given to games that I feel just passes and is alright to play, but I don’t find it to be unique or interesting from others.”

“Below Average”

1.5 stars

“Games that get the Below Average score misses the passing grade for a good or even an OK game. While playable, it does not bring anything new.”


1 star

“Poor games does not have a lot going for them. They are functional, but are ones I feel that didn’t have much though taken into them. They may even have major flaws.”

“Not Good”

0.5 stars

“Not Good is a score given to games that I strongly cannot recommend. Games that are Not Good can mean that their are not ready or one that didn’t go through extensive testing.”


0 stars

“The Stackless score is the lowest rating I can give. This score are for games that may be a detriment to gaming as a whole and even widely offensive. These games should be avoided at all cost.”