Need a video to teach gamers how to play your game? Our “Quick Start Tutorials” are a comprehensive and entertaining way to skip the rule book and get players ready to play in just a few minutes. We work closely with our patrons to produce a video to their liking and cover the rules to the game. For an example of our tutorials, please view the video below.

Price: Starting at $500 (based on size & complexity)

What we provide:

  • Scripting
  • Filming
  • Motion Graphics and Animation
  • Narration
  • Video Editing
  • Music
  • Postings on all of our social media sites

For a quote: FILL FORM

or contact: tutorials@thecardboardstacker.com

Format A: LEARN IN A TURN | We create a guided playthrough of your game. This give the viewer a good sense of how the game flows in a turn by turn bases. It may take one, two, or more turns to explain the game.

Format B: Video Rulebook | We create a video version of your rulebook, covering the rules and give example.


We are now making GIFs to give a boost to your Kickstarter or fancy up your web page. GIFs are quick, image based, video animation that shows off your game in a neat way.

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Gearworks from Piece Keeper Games. Animation done by The Cardboard Stacker.
Subatomic from Genius Games. Animation was done by The Cardboard Stacker.
  • Prices:
    • 2D ~5secs $50 to $100 each
    • 3D ~5secs $80 to $150
  • Bundle pricing when ordering two or more

Turnaround time: 1-2 days for each gif.

Contact and information: videoservice@thecardboardstacker.com

Kickstarter Videos & Others

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The Cardboard Stacker is eager to help your video needs. If you think there’s a project you think we can do, we would like to  help at the best of our abilities. You can contact with you proposal:  videoservice@thecardboardstacker.com

Kickstarter Videos Starting at $600 for 2D & Start at $800 for 3D

Other Services available upon request

Gamefound video made for 25th Century Games. Voice over and game assets provided by the publisher. 2022

  • Other services available
    • Scripting & Storyboard
    • Voice Over
    • Music
RA Trailer – for 25th Century Games – Voice work & game art assets provided by client. 2022
25th Century Games 2023 Trailer – Voice work & game art assets provided by client. 2023
Agueda: City of Umbrellas Trailer – 25 Century Games – Voice work & game art assets provided by client. 2023
Sunshine City – for Blue Beard Entertainment – Game art assets provided by client 2022
Davy Jone’s Locker- for PudKat Games – Game art assets, voice work, and music provided by client. 2022

Reviews, Previews, Playthroughs

Service not currently offered at this time.

Last updated 2/27/2023