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The Cardboard Stacker is a Youtube channel featuring reviews and instructional videos of board and card games. The channel launched with it’s first video on August 2013. Since then, the Cardboard Stacker has created over 150 videos and has over 100,000 in views.

Video series include:

  • Reviews – The Cardboard Stacker Main Series
  • Preview – Kickstarter & other crowdfunding projects
  • Quick Starter Tutorials – Concise instructional video for learning games
  • World of Millennium Blades – A whole series dedicated to Level 99 Games’s award winning Collectible Card Games Simulator, Millennium Blades.
  • Stacker’s Stockpile – A review series of vintage and out of print games.

about me
Ferdinand Andrew Capitulo


Ferdinand Andrew Capitulo is the main host and creator of The Cardboard Stacker  and is credited as writer, video editor, & composer for the review and instructional series. As a gamer, his love for board & card game began a child playing with his siblings & friends. In 2009, the discovery of modern games took to him by surprise as he found an unopened copy of The Settlers of Catan at a local garage sale. Having the opportunity to make profit by selling it online, Capitulo decided to keep the game because it sounded as fun as Monopoly. This started an awareness and a new love for modern board games.  Capitulo still plays Catan today.

Capitulo is also a composer, tubist, & pianist and received a MM in Music Composition for his undergraduate studies. He is an alum of Cal State Fullerton (Fullerton, CA). His formal work can be found here:

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Video Games: Final Fantasy VI, Skies of Arcadia, Xenoblade Chronicles, The Zelda series, & The Fire Emblem Series
  • Favorite drink & food: Tea (loose leaf only), “I’m an adventurous foodie and would try just about anything. Trying new foods is a favorite thing I like to do.”
  • Favorite book: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
  • Favorite movie: Back to the Future: Part III
  • Favorite amusement park ride: Star Tour at Disneyland
  • Favorite animals: Elephants, penguins, owls, turtles, cats, & chickens.
  • Most traveled place: Las Vegas, NV
  • Pets: Two dogs – Tetra, a German Shepard Mix & Star, a miniature red pincher
  • Cats or Dogs – “Don’t make me decide.”
  • Other interest: Pinball, wine, hiking,

ug bio
Michael Wright


Michael Wright is the creator and owner of Unfiltered Gamer and is a reoccurring guest and main collaborator in The Cardboard Stacker. The collaboration with Wright & Capitulo began in late 2016. Wright, who previously worked for the film industry, is a freelance video creator for Unfiltered Gamer doing reviews and previews, and hosts live weekly playthurs of games on Facebook. For more information about Michael Wright and Unfiltered Gamer can be found on his website:



Catherine E Draper


A long time good friend of Ferdinand Capitulo, Catherine E. Draper, or “Cat,” was a reoccurring co-host for many of The Cardboard Stacker unboxing videos and was one of the players for the successful Millennium Blades (Level 99 Games) playthrough video.