Welcome to World of Millennium Blades. A videos series that delves deep into the alternative ultra-dimension where Millennium Blades, an ancient, timeless card game, rules the Earth. Released in 2016 by Level 99 Games, the game itself is a collectible card game in a box. For more information about the product, visit

Are you a Blader?


World of Millennium – This is the series for the Blader at heart. Become a better player by knowing what cards to buy, decks to build, and collections to show.

Set of the Week – This weekly series completely dissects each and every card from a set. The main focuses show how each card works with the versatility of the core set, the compatibility of other sets found in the game, and the synergy of which cards from its own set works best. Learn tips, tricks, and maybe even pull off some awesome combos.

Core Studies – The core set is used in every game of Millennium Blades. This small video series gives a rundown about the core card, it uses, and see it’s better the fuse into promos or put away in a collection.