Our main series of review of board and card games purpose is to provide the viewer a discussion of a game and let them follow a critical analysis of all aspects of gaming.

The reviews are done in this order:

  • Overview
  • Presentation
  • Gameplay
    • Positive Outlooks
    • Negative Outlooks
  • Other thoughts
  • Conclusion and Scoring

Overview – This give a brief explanation of the game. This won’t follow every rules, but it does give the sense of overall gameplay.

Presentation – This always first part the the reiew that gets covered since impressions mean a lot to consumer before they purchase the game.

Gameplay – In gameplay, there will always three main points for both positive and negative traits found when experiencing the game.

Other thoughts – Not always exactly the neutral part, but it give extra insight of the game. Whether that be in comparing games with others or point out something that are not quite positive or negative.

Conclusion and Scoring – After a brief summary, a score is given to the game on how The Cardboard Staker believes

About our style: