It’s time for you to grab your golf clubs, put on your space shoes, and swing on over to the next rocket ship launch to Mars. Let’s have a round of golf on Mars Open

1-4 Players – Age 8+ – 1-4 Players

Game By Dennis Hoyle – Published by Bellwether Games – Illustrated by Harris Fagotto




In this out of this world dexterity game, we are golfers on Mars. Just like real golf, the goal is to take your golf ball and move it from the starting area of the course into the hole. Each player will need to keep track of their score, the number of stokes it takes to take the ball to the hole. You want to do is to have the least amount of stokes to get your ball in to the hole. The player with the lowest cumulative score after nine holes is declared the winner.


There are a total of 27 courses you can play on, each with amount of difficulty for beginners and advance player. Each provided course has a specific layout that you’ll put obstacle on the table. There are a few mountains, and even the boxes themselves are used.


Your Martian golf balls are these folded cards. Their futuristic shape gives them the ability to remain stable on the playing surface area and allows the player to perform a number of trick shots. To do a stroke, you can simple flick it with your finger. You’re allowed to rotate your golf ball so you can flick it in a different angle. If your ball falls off the table then it’s “out of bounds” and a stroke penalty will be added to your score.


While the game has a good number of courses for you to explore, you are also encourage to make your own courses.



Mars is open


So what I like about Mars Open is it’s really your game, and very open to use your creative side. The game provided some interesting examples of courses already, but it’s so much fun to just make your own setup. You can make courses that span many tables, or stack up boxes and books to make a mountain. I like to use book so you have to claim up to get your ball in the hole.

Take the whole family

Anyone can play this and I think Mars Open will be the next essential party game and family game everyone wants. It’s like having your own mini-golf course that you can have at home and a traditional game table is not needed. You can play this on a camping trip, or on the floor (which I discourage). Or bring to your next local adventurer’s pub.

Novice and Mastery

While an easy game to learn and to pick up and you can just go for it, nderstanding and learning the art of card flicking can be a whole other level. You can do trick shots, power shots, and have it curve around cardboard mountains. If you’re not into that, it’s still a game that everyone can have fun with.

Final Impressions

I’m thoroughly impressed that Mars Open is such a fun, yet simple game to play with anyone and take anywhere. It’s endless fun right out of the box. So take the next trip to Mars Open.


Make sure the visit Bellwether Game’s project right now on Kickstarter.

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