DSC_0428.jpgWe all know that Zombies love eat. They will eat almost anything, including your flesh so why not throw food at your longtime rival chef and make your escape. It’s feed them, or be them. Here is my preview for Feeding Zombies.

Players 1-2 – Ages 10+ – 15′ minutes

Link to the Kickstarter


In Feeding Zombies, as a chef, your goal is not turning in to a Zombie by making sure your rival chef get bitten first to become of the horde.


On your turn, you play food cards, throwing food on the side of your opponent. All zombies have a favorite food so they will become attracted and move closer. Zombies happened to follow each other so, when a food card is played and the front zombie moves up, zombie in the center row follow. If a zombie reaches the fourth row towards your opponent, they get bitten. In short game, all it takes is one bite to lose the game. In “petit feu” mode, each chef receives three tokens which they flip for every bite. If all of them are flipped, then it’s game over. However, they can trade these tokens for menu cards. Any empty spaces in the center row always gets replaced immediately.


Menu cards help by having a power effect. One can get rid of 2 zombies and another can put a zombie at the other end of its column. They can also be obtained by discarding the necessary food cards. The other way to get rid of zombie is taking one out with a knife, except you can only use it if a zombie is on the third row.


In addition to your typical zombies, there are two more worth mention. First are lightning zombies, that when feed both their favorite food, move to the left or to the right into an empty space. Then zombies from the center fill in column. At last is the ninja zombie. It must be fed two food cards to move. It will move even from inside a column and will move to the front of the column either to the right or to the left.



Light, Fast, Fun

Feeding Zombies is light and fast, and you’re trying to lure the zombies to your opponent. The rules are easy to teach to any one and even to younger gamers who aren’t afraid of the zombie theme. This is something you can bring out during lunch break or right between games.


What’s on the menu

As a card based game, Feeding Zombie is about the importance of playing card as to how much you can draw. I think you should always play cards to attract zombies to your opponent’s side and by doing that, playing more cards will make you able to draw more cards. It also helps if you do get a better hand of different food cards so that you can have zombie advance. You may also consider trading in for a menu cards since some of their powers are very useful.


Solo Mode

And on a side note, the game is also playable solo. It’s very much of the same game but more a to-the-point and even a “defend the castle” sort of feel to it.

Final Impressions

I’m quite impress on what Feeding Zombie does. It a really good two player game that bring excitement and trills to the table while being light and totally fun.

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